About Blackletics

About Blackletics January 23, 2021 3 min read


Vision Statement

Blackletics vision is to become one of the worlds leading athletic wear and equipment companies so that we can use our capital and influence to invest in, and build up the Black Communities.

What is Blackletics?

Blackletics is an Athletic Wear and equipment brand that looks to share the story of the Black Athlete with the world. Our main goal is to become one of the leading Apparel Accessories and Sports Equipment companies so that a large portion of our profits can be cycled back into the Black Community. This will in turn produce long term job growth and wealth within our community.

Why the name Blackletics?

Blackletics is a combination of the words Black and Athletics. I saw it fit to combine these two words as a reminder to everyone that though being an Athlete and being Black are mutually exclusive and bring their own experience, Black and Athletics in our community are synergistic in nature. We bring our unique culture to sports in the way we carry ourselves, the intensity we bring, the pride we have, and even the resilience we display. These are all a testimony to who we are as a people.


Why is it necessary to have a brand called Blackletics? As we look back at the history of African Americans, it’s impossible to miss the giants of Black Athletes who’ve used their platform to bring change to our community. Historically, several black athletes in almost every sport has used their platform to provoke conversations that otherwise would not have been had if they had not stood up which ultimately brought forth change. Just having their presence in a sport that at one point did not allow Black Athletes sparked controversy and made it hard for black athletes to compete in their sports but the resilience they displayed paved a way for all the future black athletes that we see and love today. This alone, shows that even in the midst of racial strife, hate, and even death threats, Black Athletes still believes that the issues our community faces are more important than just playing sports and they’ve taken their resources and influence and boycotted games, marched on Washington and even built schools, just so the next generation of kids can grow up in a better and more equal country. This even happens today as athletes are continuing to use their voice, and Blackletics is that added voice and resource.

Can I wear and support Blackletics although I'm not Black?

OF COURSE! We understand this is a legitimate concern. Just as we’ve seen in summer of 2020, everyone from all races and ethnicities joining in and using their voice supporting the statement of Black Lives Matter and protesting with us, Blackletics is a parallel to that. We understand that Sports is the great unifier and our vision is to see everyone wearing our merchandise and supporting our movements and initiatives. Just as sports has all ethnicities on their teams as teammates fighting for the same goals, this is also the message of Blackletics, one team, one fight, together.

What will Blackletics do?

A large portion of our profits will go towards several initiatives that we will be joining forces with and also establishing. We want to give a large portion of proceeds to initiatives that aids in the uplifting of the black community and underserved communities across the world. We will be supplying the youth with several resources all across the country to help minimize costs to families and ensure students are set up for success for their school year. We will also be working with your local community organizers to feed those in need, registering people to vote, educating people on the necessity of voting and holding those who we vote for accountable. Most importantly, we will be building housing units in areas that we build our warehouses, which will be in inner cities all across America, so that those neighborhoods can flourish as they did before. We will also be sponsoring schools sports programs, outfitting them with equipment, jerseys and warmup attire and so much more! All that Blackletics will do can’t fit in one page, so ensure you join this movement as we grow! All of this won’t be possible without your continued support. We thank you for taking the time to get to know us and we hope to see you out in our official Blackletics attire!

God Bless! -Rodney P. Watkins III, Blackletics CEO & Founder