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LARGE Black American Heritage Flag | Double Sided Print

LARGE Black American Heritage Flag | Double Sided Print

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Display the Black American Heritage Flag with pride knowing that this flag symbolizes Our Heritage and Our History!

This is the Original and Official Black American Heritage Flag. The Designers Melvin Charles and Gleason Jackson designed this flag in 1967. We have partnered with the family to bring more awareness to the flag. 

According to Melvin Charles:

"...the elements of the flag include the color black to represent pride and pigmentation and race; red, to remind us of the rich blood black men and women have shed for freedom, equality, justice and human dignity throughout the world; and gold, to represent intellect, prosperity, and peace. 

These colors are woven into a composition that juxtaposes the red and black in a set of three stripes: one black stripe centered between two red."  Superimposed on the black stripe is a golden wreath of fig leaves. The cultivated fig is a native of Africa and ranks as one of the most ancient life-sustaining fruits. Centered within the golden wreath is a blunted Moorish boarding sword, a symbol of leadership carried by the great Moorish leaders of the 8th century. The sword represents the strength and authority exhibited by a black culture that made many contributions to the world in mathematics, art, medicine, and physical science, heralding the contributions that Black Americans would make in these and other fields." (The Rallying Point)

  • 4 feet by 6 feet 
  • Double-sided print
  • Polyester material 
  • Can be flown outdoors and hung indoors
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